1. What is America's Best Mobile Pix?
2. How does it work?
3. How do I become a Members Only subscriber?
4. How long do contests run?
5. How many contests are there?
6. Are there any limitations as to what types of photos I can submit?
7. How are contest winners chosen?
8. How do I contact FunMail with questions or problems?
9. How do I claim my prize?
1. What is America's Best Mobile Pix?
Sprint and FunMail, creators of America's Best Mobile Pix (APIX), have teamed up to deliver an exciting new contest platform that allows you to submit your favorite photos for a chance to win prizes! View and vote on pictures right from your Picture Mail account. If you have a Sprint camera phone, you can join in on the fun right from your phone. Show off your best pictures by having your photos voted on by other APIX users nationwide. Submit, Vote, and Win!!!

2. How does it work?
Users submit pictures to contest categories from within their Picture Mail online account, through the Americas Best Mobile Pix web portal, or if they are APIX Members, from their Sprint phone. There are two contest categories, Sponsored contests (Free!) and Members Only contests.

Sponsored contests are free and offer Picture Mail users the opportunity to submit their favorite photos to picture contests and View and Vote on other Sponsored contest photos through their Picture Mail Account or the APIX web portal. Sponsored Contests have prizes associated with them. Anyone can vote on Sponsored Contests by clicking on the View and Vote link.

Members Only contests are for users who additionally subscribe to the America's Best Mobile Pix mobile phone application. Subscribers to Mobile APIX will have complete web and mobile phone access to submit and vote on photos across all categories. That means that Sprint camera phone users will be able to submit and vote at any point and time from their phone.

3. How do I become a Members Only subscriber?
Please click Members Only contest category for detailed instructions.

4. How long do contests run?
Contests typically run for one month. However, this can vary depending on the promotion or category. Details of the length of each contest category are provided within the View and Vote contest detail, the America's Best Mobile Pix site and the APIX phone application.

5. How many contests are there?
The numbers of contests vary from month to month. Contests are refreshed monthly. The categories are designed to appeal to a variety of interests and lifestyles. For example contest categories range from, "Hot Guys", "Hot Girls", "Cute Babies", "Cool Cars" to "Weird Pix". There also will be special "challenge contests" such as "Best Halloween Costume" that happen during certain times of the year.

6. Are there any limitations as to what types of photos I can submit?
No inappropriate content will be accepted as submissions to any contests. Trademarks, celebrities, content rights protected imagery and images taken without the explicit consent of the subject(s) will not be allowed. We also will not accept pictures with otherwise offensive content. Photos with offensive text or personal information will also be rejected. There are some basic requirements in order for us to accept user submitted photos. Please make sure that submitted photos have proper lighting so that the images can be easily viewed. Photos which are improperly submitted to incorrect categories will be rejected.

7. How are contest winners chosen?
Pictures are voted on by users in each contest category. Users can rate a photo as many times as they like, but only the last rating of that particular photo will be recorded. APIX portal and mobile application tracks the votes and provides real-time rating information to determine who has the highest rating at that given point and time. At the end of the contest category period, the photos with the highest average ratings are evaluated by a panel of judges, who look at each picture's overall quality and creativity. Then a final winner for the contest is chosen by the panel, and any prizes are awarded. Please continue to check back often and see how your pictures are doing!

8. How do I contact FunMail with questions or problems? Please direct all emails to support@funmail.com.

9. How do I claim my prize?
If you are a winner, Funmail will send a text message to your mobile phone, with instructions explaining how to claim your prize.

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